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How to find your OEN and get free math help!

Your OEN (Ontario Education Number) proves you are an Ontario Student, and only Ontario public school students in Grade 7, 8, 9 or 10 math are eligible to use Homework Help.

Your OEN is on your report card, located at the top near your name.  Your OEN never changes so any of your Ontario report cards will do.

Grade 7/8

Grade 9/10

Can't find a report card? Your teacher or school office will have your OEN on file.

Are you a student in another, approved district? Please ask your teacher for your registration information.

Still need help? Send us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. registrationhelp@tvo.org.

Guest or Guardian Users

Parents and guardians are invited to create guest accounts. Guest users are able to explore and access the Homework Help resources and observe the interactions between students and tutors, but cannot interact with tutors themselves.

To register as a Guest user you must provide a valid email address, the use of which is defined by the Privacy Policy.

Guests registering as Educators will have access to additional classroom tools and materials to promote Homework Help to your students. Educators must use a school board email address to create their accounts.

Note to Guardians and Educators about the use of the OEN:

To access the Homework Help website, students must attend one of the publicly funded, English language school boards in Ontario. The Ontario Education Number (OEN) and date of birth are used to verify eligibility.

When a student registers for the first time, they are required to enter their OEN and date of birth. Once eligibility is verified, the student must create a username and password for subsequent logins and will only appear online as their chosen username. The OEN and date of birth will not be required after the initial registration.

The Homework Help program does not have access to the OEN database managed by the Ministry of Education. For the purpose of registration, the OEN represents an anonymous 9 digit number used to match the date of birth; essentially a 'key' that grants access to the site.

The same privalcy safeguards are extended to students who attend schools in other Homework Help districts.

Note to Guardians and Educators about student email addresses:

It is beneficial for students to enter a valid email address. To protect the student's identity, email addresses provide a safe and anonymous way to keep in touch with Homework Help resources without revealing personal information such as location, name or school.

  1. Site Management: If a student forgets their username or password, we can email it to them directly. Technical support is also provided via email.
  2. Learning Newsletter: Regular updates on how HH can help students with their math. Learn strategies to help with the unit your student is working on as well as find out how others are learning at Homework Help.
  3. What's New: The site resources are updated throughout the year and email access allows us to inform students of new content, upgrades, and changes to the site.

Email reminders are a great way to let students know we are here to support them and give them an extra hand when they get stuck.

It doesn't take long after registration for students to forget there is free math homework support at Homework Help. Through the combined efforts of classroom teachers, parents and the Homework Help team at TVO, we can ensure students always remember they have somewhere to turn for help with their math.

For more information please view the Homework Help Privacy Policy.

If the student does not have an email address, a guardian's email may be used. Email addresses are not mandatory for students.

Any questions concerning Homework Help registration or troubleshooting registration problems, please contact us at registrationhelp@tvo.org.


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