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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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WHITEFISH has a B.A in Math and recently completed the Master of Mathematics for Teachers program. He spent 9 years as a high school teacher, teaching mostly math. He gave that up this year to become college math professor. This is his 7th year as a Homework Help tutor. Go Blue Jays!
WI110W has been teaching Grade 9 math for six years. This Tutor's favourite topic is slope, when we get the skateboards out!
WYNWYN has over 30 years experience teaching mainly grades 9 and 10 Mathematics. As the name suggests WYNWYN believes that both student and teacher gain from the experience of teaching and learning Math.
XCALIBER has been teaching math for many years. This tutor gets excited about helping students realize how much they already know. See you online!


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