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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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TENDERVIDDLES has been teaching mathematics for 25 years to students of all grades and levels, particularly in grades 7-10. TENDERVIDDLES has been teaching summer school for credit upgrade and credit recovery for 12 years. The greatest reward from teaching that TENDERVIDDLES receives is seeing the smiles on students' faces after they have just understood and applied a concept in mathematics independently and with the utmost confidence. "Math is the greatest subject in the world," says TENDERVIDDLES, "it is found in every corner of our world."
TESSERAE has been teaching and tutoring mathematics in all levels for over 9 years. TESSERAE thinks that mathematics is a beautiful subject and approaches problems in a logical and straightforward manner.
THEKEYMAKER has been teaching math for the past 7 years. THEKEYMAKER wants to show students that math can be found all around us. THEKEYMAKER loves tutoring and believes the online experience is an awesome way to learn. Choose THEKEYMAKER to help you with your math homework and you will be one step closer to understanding the mysteries of math class. Along side my dog Nico we are here to help!
TIEGUY has been a teacher for 9 years, and have taught math in Australia, Canada, Japan and China. As a teacher TIEGUY thinks we can help change things by showing people new ways of doing things. Math is simply a system of symbols that are used to explain our ideas to other people in a way that is easy to understand. Because of this philosophy, TIEGUY tries as hard as they can to make lessons based in real world applications.


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