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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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Tutors: Grade 9 (142)

BAGGINS enjoys teaching math and has been doing so for 7 years. This tutor enjoys breaking down math concepts into simpler terms to allow students to understand math easier.
BAZATTACK's favourite subject is easily Math! This tutor has been teaching math for 16 years and has taught every high school math course. BAZATTACK loves seeing students learn, loves to see the light bulb go on! This tutor really enjoys helping students learn and understand.
BRAVETEACH graduated from McMaster University with two Bachelor of Science degrees. BRAVETEACH has taught numerous courses in math, science and technology. BRAVETEACH is excited to help students with math from across the province.
CH1LL has been teaching mathematics at every level for over 25 years and still loving it!!! CH1LL knows every possible pitfall students can get into and how to avoid them! CH1LL out with me and I will guide you step by step into success!


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