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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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Tutors: Grade 9 (138)

TANGENT enjoys math and teaching the youth – so what's better then teaching the youth math! TANGENT has been teaching math to high school students in grade 9 and 10 for 6 years. TANGENT believes math can seem a little tricky but with a little help and hard work, students will be able to succeed.
Tassadar has been teaching senior level Mathematics for eight years. Tassadar has also tutored students in Mathematics and Science for over 13 years. Tassadar believes that all students can learn Math through hard work, dedication, focus and a lot of practice.
TENDERVIDDLES has been teaching mathematics for 25 years to students of all grades and levels, particularly in grades 7-10. TENDERVIDDLES has been teaching summer school for credit upgrade and credit recovery for 12 years. The greatest reward from teaching that TENDERVIDDLES receives is seeing the smiles on students' faces after they have just understood and applied a concept in mathematics independently and with the utmost confidence. "Math is the greatest subject in the world," says TENDERVIDDLES, "it is found in every corner of our world."
TESSERAE has been teaching and tutoring mathematics in all levels for over 9 years. TESSERAE thinks that mathematics is a beautiful subject and approaches problems in a logical and straightforward manner.


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