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Sandtrap has been teaching math in high school for 10 years. Sandtrap enjoys helping students reach their full potential. Sandtrap looks forward to helping you become successful in math.
SASQUATCH1 has an Honours Bachelor of Science from McMaster and a Bachelor of Education degree from Western. This tutor has been teaching for 15 years (has it been that long?) from the elementary level (Grade 6) to university courses. SASQUATCH1 coaches a number of teams and clubs, and believes a teacher can make a difference both in and out of a classroom (including in a "virtual" world!). SASQUATCH1 looks forward to helping students throughout the province understand even the most complex questions using a down-to-earth approach. SASQUATCH1's personal interests include: camping, canoeing, geocaching, obstacle-course racing (Tough Mudders), rugby, curling, travelling, and exploring haunted/abandoned/spooky places throughout Ontario!
I am an adventurer. I love to paddle, to mountain bike, to climb cliffs and to sail in the Caribbean. I love the adventure of math. There is always a challenging problem to solve and when I set out to solve it, I am inspired by the adventure of the challenge. I love to see others excited when they solve a problem, like participating in a great adventure. They rise up with more confidence and say to the next challenge "Here I come"!
SCUBADIVER is an active and adventurous retired teacher who wants to help you get to the bottom of your math questions. 30 years of math teaching and tutoring will help you dive right in!


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