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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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Come into my room with questions and leave with solutions that will help you. I have been helping students to learn to have fun with math. come in for a visit.
PATTERNS has been teaching for 25 years. PATTERNS loves finding the patterns in math and then applying them to new situations. Math is just like a puzzle, find the pattern and then put it together. PATTERNS loves to find creative ways to help make math easy to remember, simple and fun. PATTERNS continues to teaching essential, applied and academic math grades 7 - 10.
PAULENOMIAL has been teaching mathematics for 10 years at the secondary level. PAULENOMIAL enjoys that math is about solving problems, be it factoring, algebra, or trigonometry! PAULENOMIAL hopes to help students reach their light bulb moment as a math student.
Pawn's favourite subject is mathematics! This tutor has been a high school teacher for 10 years. Pawn loves seeing a student understand a new concept and believes anyone can understand math. Pawn can't wait to help with any mathematical problems you may have!


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