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NEVERGIVEUP has been a math teacher for 29 years and teaches all grades from 9 to 12. NEVERGIVEUP loves math because many problems can be done different ways and there may even be different correct answers! Math makes you think and its never easy but so rewarding when you finally get the answer! NEVERGIVEUP enjoys meeting new students because they always have interesting things to teach me.
NEWT0N's favourite subject is mathematics. This tutor has been a high school math teacher since 2000. NEWT0N enjoys every challenge the world of math presents. NEWT0N looks forward to helping the many students in his help room.
NUMSENSE has been teaching high school math for 18 years as well as teaching music and guidance. I have also taught online math courses before and have a lot of experience helping students with math online!
Come into my room with questions and leave with solutions that will help you. I have been helping students to learn to have fun with math. come in for a visit.


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