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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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Mcat is a retired high school math teacher. Mcat has been teaching math for more than 30 years, both in the classroom and through distance education. Having taught all levels of math from grade 9 to 12, Mcat believes that math is fun and that every student can be successful with a little help and encouragement. Mcat looks forward to helping you!
Min3Craft loves Math and believes that everyone can succeed: if we believe in our students then they will believe in themselves. Min3Craft is very passionate and enthusiastic about Math, but also compassionate, understanding and patient. Min3Craft loves to work with students with special needs. This tutor has been teaching for over six years.
Hard work and success go hand in hand. The effort a student put into their studies is no different than working to improve any skill or ability. “There’s not a math gene,” “Wherever you are today, you can always get better. I’m proof of that.” M.Romano
MOTOMAN is currently in his 9th year of teaching and has a true appreciation for the connections between math and the world all around us. MOTOMAN is happy to help coach Students through any difficulties they have in math problems. This Tutor may just be able to answer the million dollar question - "Why do I have to learn this in the first place?" MOTOMAN's favourite quote: "The answer to the problem you are solving is of far less importance than what you may learn by solving it."


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