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MATHSTIQUE’s favourite subject in school has always been math! MATHSTIQUE’s 1st classroom was when MATHSTIQUE was 10. MATHSTIQUE had 2 students, MATHSTIQUE’s siblings, and MATHSTIQUE taught them their timetables on chalkboards in their playhouse. MATHSTIQUE has helped grade 3 to first year university students by one on one tutoring. MATHSTIQUE has taught grades 9-12 for 4 years (however, mostly teaches grade 10 courses) MATHSTIQUE’s favourite part about math is that most problems have one answer but many solutions. MATHSTIQUE thinks the hardest part is starting a problem and not giving up and the biggest mistake is not getting help. MATHSTIQUE’s favourite topic to teach in grade 9 is equations and her favourite topic to teach in grade 10 is factoring (MATHSTIQUE is an algebra-fanatic!) MATHSTIQUE favourite function is tangent because it is so unique compared to it’s ratio friends sine and cosine. MATHSTIQUE also enjoys a derivative or two in MATHSTIQUE’s spare time. MATHSTIQUE can show you what the really excited button (!) on your calculator does, can help you finally figure out the relationships between positive and negative integers, and can help with graphing tons of linear and quadratic relations. MATHSTIQUE can’t wait to help you solve for x or any other letter in the alphabet too!
Math Teacher with 33 years experience. Love solving problems with many steps.
Mcat is a retired high school math teacher. Mcat has been teaching math for more than 30 years, both in the classroom and through distance education. Having taught all levels of math from grade 9 to 12, Mcat believes that math is fun and that every student can be successful with a little help and encouragement. Mcat looks forward to helping you!
Milly Metre has experience teaching mathematics around the world in various languages. She is happy to take your mathematics questions in French or in English.


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