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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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Tutors: Grade 9 (144)

MARSHMELLOWIE loves teaching math at the high school level. This tutor has been teaching for many years. MARSHMELLOWIE believes math can be "simple" for everyone if explained in a way that is unique to each student.
MATHFRIEND is a teacher with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. This tutor loves to help students understand all math concepts. MATHFRIEND has been teaching math in the classroom and online for many years.
MathMaestro has a life-long love of mathematics!. MathMaestro taught mathematics for 33 years to high school students but has tutored students in grades 7 & 8. MathMaestro wants to help students see that math is as important to their lives as music is to their lives.
MATHP0WER has been teaching mathematics at the intermediate and senior levels for over 29 years. This tutor has a degree in mathematics, a degree in education, and a honours specialist in mathematics. This tutor has a passion for teaching mathematics and loves to share that passion with students.


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