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Tutor Bios: Grade 9

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Tutors: Grade 9 (140)

GUMMYB3AR has been teaching high school students mathematics for over 25 years. This tutor loves to simplify the subject for students and show them how valuable it is to understand concepts. GUMMYB3AR is looking forward to assisting students reach their full potential.
Hank Scorpio loves solving math problems! Hank loves teaching all ages. Hank is passionate in sharing the love of mathematics with everyone Hank meets. Enjoy the math!
HAPPYAPPLE has been retired for two years. HAPPYAPPLE taught math for 36 years at the same high school. HAPPYAPPLE has also taught every math course there is in high school. HAPPYAPPLE loves math and loves to teach.
HENDRIX is a math teacher with over 30 years of experience teaching in the classroom. HENDRIX likes to help students appreciate and understand the patterns and simple beauty of mathematics. This tutor also enjoys seeing this subject in new ways through the eyes of students.


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