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Tutor Bios: Grade 8

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DARTHVARIABLE has been teaching intermediate math for seven years. This tutor loves the "Aha" moment that comes with teaching math, when a student grasps a concept. In addition to math, DARTHVARIABLE loves all things Star Wars and punk music.
DELOREAN has enjoyed teaching and tutoring mathematics at the high school and elementary school levels for the last four years. DELOREAN loves helping students by providing them with the necessary resources to become successful, confident mathematicians. DELOREAN is excited to create a positive impact on students’ mathematical journeys during the upcoming year of online tutoring!
Dolphinwaves has been teaching math for the past 8 years. Did you know dolphins are math experts and have been nicknamed the "Einsteins of the deep sea?" Math is a very helpful, useful and important subject in all parts of life. It's just a matter of finding the right key to unlock the math problem, which becomes FUN once you know how to find the key - all students can learn this. We all know that dolphins are all about FUN, so this is why Dolphinwaves loves teaching MATH! Dolphinwaves is here to guide students in the deep sea of math with algebra, equations, variables, geometry, probability and anything math in a clear and FUN wave (oops way)!
Dr.Nefario's favourite subject is mathematics! This tutor has been a Grade 7 and 8 Math Teacher for 17 years. Dr. Nefario loves helping students understand everything mathematics. Dr.Nefario knows that everyone can be successful in mathematics!


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