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Tutor Bios: Grade 8

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TIEGUY has been a teacher for 9 years, and have taught math in Australia, Canada, Japan and China. As a teacher TIEGUY thinks we can help change things by showing people new ways of doing things. Math is simply a system of symbols that are used to explain our ideas to other people in a way that is easy to understand. Because of this philosophy, TIEGUY tries as hard as they can to make lessons based in real world applications.
Trackstars is a huge math fan and has been teaching grade 7 and 8 math for 11 years. Trackstars loves when students ask questions about a math concept or problem because questioning is an important part of problem solving. Trackstars believes that everyone has the ability to experience success in Math!
TRAVELBUG has been teaching for 10 years and Tutoring for 11 years. TRAVELBUG loves teaching because it is a very rewarding profession. It's wonderful to see a student understand a new concept. TRAVELBUG likes math because there is always a right answer.
TURBINE's favourite subject is mathematics. This tutor has been a grade seven teacher for 10 years. TURBINE loves helping students and looks forward to a great year of online tutoring.


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