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Tutor Bios: Grade 8

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Tutors: Grade 8 (101)

ProfessorProduct is math lover who has been teaching grade 8 for 9 years. This tutor loves being the person that can take a student from "I dont get it" to "this was really easy". Feel free to ask ProfessorProduct for help with any math concepts that you find difficult.
Qtips loves teaching, talking, and tutoring mathematics. Qtips has been teaching intermediate math for over 7 years. The tutor likes reviewing previous math knowledge and showing the connection to the present math concepts. What worked for you in the past will help you in the future!
RAPTORFAN has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and has been teaching and tutoring intermediate and senior mathematics for over 16 years. As well, RAPTORFAN is a big Raptor Fan!
RAV3N has been teaching mathematics for 7 years to students of a variety of grades. This tutor enjoys helping students understand mathematical concepts that they were previously unable to master. RAV3N believes that a will to learn and perseverance through challenging problems are the keys to success in math!!


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