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Milly Metre has experience teaching mathematics around the world in various languages. She is happy to take your mathematics questions in French or in English.
Min3Craft loves Math and believes that everyone can succeed: if we believe in our students then they will believe in themselves. Min3Craft is very passionate and enthusiastic about Math, but also compassionate, understanding and patient. Min3Craft loves to work with students with special needs. This tutor has been teaching for over six years.
MMMPI has been teaching for 20 years . MMMPI is a board member of the Ontario Association of Mathematics Education. This helps to keep MMMPI up to date on new math strategies. Outside of mathematics, MMMPI's interests are in the areas of science and technology
Msmathtastic has taught for almost 20 years and math has always been a passion of hers. It is very important to Msmathtastic that her students understand the "why" of math and break down the walls that many students build over time. Opening a students mind to the world of numbers allows them opportunities they never thought were possible.


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