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LULULOVER has been teaching intermediate math for 9 years! LULULOVER spends free time solving brain-teasers and puzzles and loves how math can be challenging, yet fun all at the same time. LULULOVER is keen on teaching math because often there is more than one way to approach a given problem. It allows students to be creative!! So, come and share your creative juices with LULULOVER!
MASTERFISHERMAN is obviously someone with varied interests. One of which is mathematics. MASTERFISHERMAN enjoys working on equations, with variables and anything else math related. MASTERFISHERMAN has been teaching for 13 years and tutoring for 18. MASTERFISHERMAN has tutored students from grade 3 to University and believes that one on one is the best way to learn.
MATHLETE knows that math is just like any sport. You win by having a game plan and practising the plays. MATHLETE has many years of experience, perfecting and adapting the plays for students in Grades 1-8. MATHLETE can help you figure out a game plan for any math question you may have.
Live the math, love the math!


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