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Tutor Bios: Grade 8

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Helpishere has been teaching grade 7 and 8 mathematics for 8 years. Helpishere enjoys assisting students with problem solving and seeing the "light bulb go on" when students succeed in discovering the answer.
When it comes to math, your Coach has the expertise to help deconstruct the challenge. Coach has been teaching intermediate math for several years now, both privately and in the classroom. Coach is proud to say he loves numbers and loves how problems challenge the thinking process.
ICANDOIT has been teaching math for 30 years at both the elementary and secondary level. Excellence is the result of dedication and hard work, even, if at first, it seems difficult to understand.
IMHERE4U has been teaching intermediate students for over twenty years. Math has always been a passion for this tutor. IMHERE4U believes students can be good at math and enjoy it too!


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