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EASYASPI has been teaching for over 6 years and is passionate about mathematics education. This tutor earned a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education with a specialist in mathematics. EASYASPI enjoys helping students develop an understanding and appreciation for math, using technology and assisting students online through the Homework Help program. Math ROCKS!
ENERGY has a blast teaching math! Energy has been teaching math for 8 years and loves the "Aha" moments when a student grasps a concept and wants to take a problem to the next level.
Firegirl8 has been teaching and tutoring grade 7/8 Math for 6 years and absolutely loves it when I can help students succeed! I love teaching because I had such an amazing experience in elementary school that I want to be able to provide that same experience for students that I experienced!! I like Math because it is similar to solving a puzzle like a Sudoku! It may be difficult to understand at first but once the concept is understood the hours spent is totally worth it!!
FLIP's favourite subject is mathematics! This tutor has been a grade 8 teacher for 14 years. FLIP loves helping students understand the ins and outs of circles, integers, cylinders, algebra, exponents and everything math! FLIP believes anyone can understand math!


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