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Tutor Bios: Grade 7

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Tutors: Grade 7 (92)

JEDIMATHSTER loves teaching math! This tutor has been teaching intermediate mathematics for 16 years. JEDIMATHSTER gets excited when students understand and love math. Math rocks!
JINX has taught math to grade 7 & 8 students for 17 years. JINX loves sharing her enthusiasm of math with others and loves being part of every student's math journey.
Jumpingjack has been teaching and tutoring grade 7 and 8 for four years now. Jumpingjack believes math is the key to the future and uses real life applications to create context for mathematical concepts.
LENNY has been teaching for five years and has a Bachelor of Education and a specialization in intermediate mathematics. The greatest thing about teaching is encouraging a love of learning in students! Math is great because it is the cornerstone of our world, leading the way to new inventions and discoveries.


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