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EXPLORER4FUN loves to teach math and travel! Over the last 15 years EXPLORER4FUN has taught and tutored grades 8-12. This Tutor has a strong passion for mathematical investigations and problem solving. EXPLORER4FUN is looking forward to exploring math in this new environment.
FANTABULOUS thinks math is awesome! FANTABULOUS has been teaching high school mathematics for 14 years. This tutor believes anyone can 'get' math with enough practice and the right help. My favourite is when my students say: "ohhhh!"...like all of a sudden it makes sense :)
Grew up in a small town. Currently living in the same small town and loving it! I have been teaching math for the past 10 years. I love math and hope to help as many students as possible. This is a great program that I hope students will access and use as much as possible.
FREESTYLE has a Bachelor of Science and Education degree in math at the Intermediate/Senior level. FREESTYLE has been teaching and tutoring for over 20 years and enjoys seeing those light bulbs go on during math class. FREESTYLE understands your struggles in math and is here to help you.


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