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CLARITY has been tutoring students in high school mathematics for 18 years and has taught math for 4 years. Students will learn math with some perseverance, and the rewards they gain will impact the rest of their lives. CLARITY has seen students' self-confidence grow as their problem solving skills improve and that is why CLARITY looks forward to helping students sort things out on Homework Help.
CLICKHERE has more than a decade of math tutoring experience, and has taught math at all levels from grades 5 to 12. Math was always this tutor's favourite subject as a student, and now they are thrilled to deal with math every day as a teacher and tutor. CLICKHERE likes all types of math, but they find probability the most interesting. This tutor is very excited to be on the Homework Help team!
CYLINDER has taught grades 9-12 math for 10 years. CYLINDER has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education degree.
DERMOTTHEFROG loves math and loves teaching it! DERMOTTHEFROG has a university degree in math and 5 years tutoring experience. This tutor is passionate about teaching math because it is always great when a student discovers understanding something they once found challenging. Looking forward to online tutoring this year!


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