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BIONICBRAIN loves teaching mathematics and helping students succeed! This tutor has been teaching high school mathematics for 20+ years to students of all grades and levels. BIONICBRAIN is looking forward to helping you develop the necessary skills to solve problems with confidence and to enjoy the process of learning together.
I enjoy helping students with their math questions, especially when they are able to understand and are able do the next one on their own. If a topic is not clear then Math is like a huge block of ice on your path to understanding but it melts away quickly once insight dawns.
BRAVETEACH graduated from McMaster University with two Bachelor of Science degrees. BRAVETEACH has taught numerous courses in math, science and technology. BRAVETEACH is excited to help students with math from across the province.
CAREB3AR has been a Math teacher for the last 21 years. CAREB3AR loves teaching because it is very creative and every day is different. Math is spectacular because it is a language that helps us describe the world around us. Because we are individuals, learning math is a personal journey, different for everyone!


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