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THEKEYMAKER has been teaching math for the past 7 years. THEKEYMAKER wants to show students that math can be found all around us. THEKEYMAKER loves tutoring and believes the online experience is an awesome way to learn. Choose THEKEYMAKER to help you with your math homework and you will be one step closer to understanding the mysteries of math class. Along side my dog Nico we are here to help!
Tinkerb3ll has been teaching math in high school for 5 years! This tutor has a passion for math, which is why she has been tutoring students for 8 years! Tinkerb3ll loves algebra the most, but is excited to help all students with any questions :)
TRACMAN has been teaching high school mathematics for 17 years. TRACMAN also taught intermediate math and senior math courses at the Faculty of Education. If you do well in math you will do well in life.
Traveler believes that math is a lot of fun. It challenges us to go beyond what we think we are capable of. Traveler has been teaching high school math for 8 years. Traveler loves helping people understand math and is very excited to help students online!


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