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Tutor Bios: Grade 10

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Tutors: Grade 10 (129)

Gravity is in love with Mathematics. He sees the world as millions of math problems waiting to be simplified or solved. His day as a math teacher is full of enlightened students and helping them discover math as a fun puzzle, with lots of little steps. Gravity enjoys new challenges and loves to help students.
GU1TARGUY has been teaching Grade 7-10 students Math for over 9 years. GU1TARGUY's loves to help students identify the reasons for the common numeracy mistakes they make. Math does not have to be scary and anyone can learn to do Math that they will use in their everyday lives.
Guidebear has been teaching mathematics for 19 years to students of all grades and levels and also, Guidebear has been tutoring mathematics for over 15 years. One of this tutor's passions about teaching is help students to succeed in mathematics to guide them through the process. Guidebear loves teaching mathematics because it is fun and it comes with a challenge that teaches you perseverance, develops reasoning and imagination.
GUMMYB3AR has been teaching high school students mathematics for over 25 years. This tutor loves to simplify the subject for students and show them how valuable it is to understand concepts. GUMMYB3AR is looking forward to assisting students reach their full potential.


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