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A4ANSWER has been teaching for 8 years...but who's counting? A4ANSWER has taught both applied and academic mathematics courses as well as the senior college and university courses. A4ANSWER sees online tutoring as a great way for students to achieve success!
“It’s not that I am so smart; It’s just I stay with problems longer” Albert Einstein Hello, my name is Algebear. I began my journey in mathematics since I had solved my first math problem. I became a teacher myself, and today enjoy helping students achieve their study objectives. Algebear has been teaching mathematics for more than 10 years to students of all grades and levels. My goal is to engage students of every ability and pace.
I'm always in search of the elegant solution. I appreciate that there is often more than one solution. Through collaboration we can come to a shared and cohesive understanding of the world around us. Now let's apply all of that to mathematics! I am a high school teacher certified in teaching Mathematics, Science and Biology. I have additional qualifications and experience in teaching Special Education, Guidance and Career Education and ESL. I've been a full-time teacher for 7 years and I look forward to continuing the honour and privilege of educating a future generation of Canadians. In my spare time I enjoy hiking with my (giant) puppy named Phineus.
AMBASSADOR has been teaching and tutoring students in Intermediate and Senior Math (Essential, Applied and Academic) for 30 years, and recently retired. This tutor loves helping people go beyond their current levels: either overcoming fears and frustrations, or mastering skills in their striving for excellence. AMBASSADOR speaks the language of Math, and wants to help you learn to speak it well, too--even if it seems foreign to you now.


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