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ALLIEDONE has taught Grades 7 and 8 for more than 30 years and for all those years found Math class to be the best time of the day. This tutor continues to find Math not only exciting, but fun and particularly enjoys algebra and all types of problem solving. ALLIEDONE wants others to enjoy Math just as much and is looking forward to working online to help students do so.
ANGLEMAN loves math - and not just angles. ANGLEMAN has been teaching math in the intermediate division for over 25 years and finds math one of his favourite subjects to teach. ANGLEMAN is looking forward to another year of helping students online.
BATTERUP loves teaching math to intermediate students and has been doing so for 38 years. This tutor takes pleasure in supporting students in their efforts to further the understanding of math concepts.
BELLWOOD27 has been teaching math for over 30 years. This tutor enjoys helping students with challenging math questions. See you online!


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